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Launch of TASK™

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The launch of TASK™️ - a new online sustainability knowledge certificate!

Today, Sulitest launches TASK™️ - The Assessment of Sustainability Knowledge - with the ambition to transform education by (re)setting the standard for sustainability knowledge.

At Sulitest, we share the vision of a new generation of informed, engaged change-makers empowered to make a meaningful and lasting impact in an increasingly volatile and complex world. To do this, we must make sustainability a common language and TASK™️ makes this vision possible!

Why is a sustainability knowledge assessment needed?

To build a sustainable future, it is essential to improve the level of knowledge, skills and attitudes towards sustainability worldwide. While society needs experts who can solve specific problems in their field, we need widespread acculturation to sustainability so that everyone has a sufficient understanding of it and can integrate it into their personal and professional practices and decisions.

This begs the question: when students graduate, do they enter the workforce with this knowledge? What was their level of knowledge when they entered college, and how far has it progressed? Universities and colleges around the world are committed to teaching more about sustainability, and they need information and metrics to guide their strategy, to demonstrate progress, and to realize the vision of a world where every graduate is a positive change agent.

To this end, Sulitest has developed TASK™️ to provide relevant and comparable metrics for tracking and monitoring sustainability education in any academic program. It is also a tool for young professionals to display their sustainability knowledge and show the world that they are ready to make a positive impact! Some 20 higher education institutions have already committed to certify at least 75% of their graduates within 3 years with TASK™️, in France and internationally.

Some 20 pioneering higher education institutions have already committed to certifying at least 75% of their graduates within 3 years with TASK™️, in France and internationally. List: CY Université, EM Normandie, ESSEC Business School, Excelia, Grenoble Ecole de Management, IESEG, IMT Business School, KEDGE, Paris Saclay University, Sup de Vente Paris/ESSYM, UniLasalle, ESME, ENTPE, YNOV, Ecole des Ponts ParisTech, HEC Montréal, ENSEA, School of Business (University of Cairo).

Find out more about TASK and join the movement today!

Sulitest press contact: Pierre Schulz - - France Deployment Manager

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