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I was invited to take TASK™ or use the Sulitest tools by my school. Sulitest and the various tools offered are perfect for me to measure my knowledge, assess my skills and learn more.

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Students can take TASK and earn a degree in sustainability.
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Make your job search easier! The TASK™ exam allows you to understand and demonstrate your sustainability knowledge and earn an internationally recognized certification from universities and corporations.

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Score and certification

Understanding your score
TASK™ provides a psychometric measure of sustainability knowledge (as defined in the matrix) using a model from "Modern Test Theory (MTT)" or "Item Response Theory" (IRT). The algorithm models the relationship between the respondent's ability and the parameters associated with each question (its level of difficulty, its ability to discriminate the level of ability and its place in the matrix). The measure generated by the model is then geometrically transformed to a score between 0 and 100. The score depends on:
- the total number of questions answered by the candidate;
- whether or not each question was answered correctly;
- the parameters associated with each question (difficulty level, ability to discriminate, place in the matrix).
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Who developed TASK™?

TASK™ was developed by Sulitest, an international movement launched in 2014. Its development was made possible by a concert of academic, professional and student stakeholders.
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If you think TASK™ could be integrated into a program or across your institution, feel free to download the presentation material or get in touch with us.

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Learning and raising awareness

Discover all Sulitest learning and awareness tools
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Improve and map the awareness of sustainability issues
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Identify knowledge gaps and cultivate curiosity
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