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Engage staff, management, and executives and make sustainability a central part of your organization's strategy.

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Discover sustainability certification for businesses and organizations.
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TASK certification in sustainability is available for companies and organizations.

Put sustainable development at the heart of your corporate strategy

Sulitest tools support your CSR strategy by allowing you to operationalize the awareness part of your teams, both on sustainability issues and on your own CSR strategy, to ensure a good level of adoption.

Your organization has a role to play!

In today's complex, interconnected and rapidly changing world, every decision we make has an impact on our society and our planet. How are you helping your organization move towards environmental sustainability and social responsibility?

Sustainable development must be at the heart of companies.
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TASK™, a certificate for my team

Equipping your staff to advance sustainability!

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The TASK™ exam enables your employees and collaborators to understand and demonstrate their sustainability knowledge and earn an internationally recognized certification in the professional and academic world.

Your team is then equipped with the knowledge needed to deploy your CSR strategy more broadly.

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Pass the sustainability test for businesses.
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TASK™ pricing options

Companies will be able to purchase a number of "vouchers" very soon to invite their teams to take TASK™. For more information, contact us.

Offer TASK™ to your company

Do you think TASK™ could be integrated into a training course or even across your company?<span><br>F</span>eel free to download the presentation material or get in touch with us.

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Learning and raising awareness

Discover all Sulitest learning and awareness tools
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Improve and map the awareness of sustainability issues
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Identify knowledge gaps and cultivate curiosity
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