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How can we ensure that students are well prepared to consider elements of sustainability in their future careers, make responsible choices, and act ethically?

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Sulitest offers a university degree in sustainable development for students.
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Sulitest offers a diploma in sustainable development for university students.

For all higher education institutions

Sulitest tools are already used by a large number of academic stakeholders and institutions, since 2014.

These tools can be used to raise awareness of sustainability among students or even to certify their level of knowledge with the new TASK™️ certification.

A leading role to play

By educating current and future socio-economic actors, higher education institutions play a crucial role in the quest for a sustainable future. One of the major missions of education is to empower citizens so that they are able to face the complex challenges of the 21st century, to initiate change, to make informed decisions, and to collectively build a sustainable future.

Sulitest offers a sustainability exam for universities.
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TASK™, a certificate for my students

The TASK™️ exam allows your students to understand and demonstrate their systemic knowledge of sustainability, and to obtain an internationally recognized certification in the academic and professional world.

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How do I prepare my students?

The goal of the Sulitest movement is to accelerate the integration of sustainability into higher education by providing educators with tools that are easy to implement in the curriculum.

For Sulitest, academic freedom is a fundamental principle. Every institution, every program, every professor has the freedom to conduct scientific research, to teach, and to express themselves within the framework of their position. None of the tools on our platform are intended to substitute for the absolutely crucial work of faculty. Professors are the ones who know their learners best. They are obviously the ones who know best how to train their students, depending on the population, their level of acculturation, and the programs they are following.
However, since the field of sustainability knowledge is by nature complex and cross-cutting, we want to support, as much as possible, those who are seeking to integrate these topics into their pedagogical approach.

We have therefore decided to offer our TASK™ users access to a collaborative tool: the knowledge hub. A platform in perpetual evolution, the knowledge hub provides a number of dedicated tools and access to related existing platforms.

A tool built for and by the community of users, the knowledge hub provides everyone with resources for deepening their knowledge on one of the subjects of the knowledge area (biodiversity, poverty, climate...) as well as materials to help instructors integrate these subjects into their courses.

Sulitest is the creator of a university degree in sustainable development for students.
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Easy to deploy

The TASK™ online platform was designed with the user experience as a key criteria. It is ergonomic, comprehensive, robust, and easy to use.
As an examiner, you can invite your students to a TASK™ session with just a few clicks.

Students will receive their results and certificate at the end of the session, which they can then promote on their CV or social networks.

TASK User Guide
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TASK™ pricing options

Institutions can either purchase a number of vouchers to distribute to students in a specific course or program,
or become a Change Leader and invite as many students as they wish from their institution each year. For more information, contact us.

50 € / certificate

CONDITIONS: Minimum 50 vouchers

40 € / certificate

CONDITIONS: Minimum 50 vouchers and a 3-year subscription

25 € / graduate

Annual subscription*, unlimited access

* calculated according to the size of the establishment
(Total number of graduates per year x €25)

CONDITIONS: 3-year subscription
Commitment to certify at least 75% of graduates in 3 years

Suggest TASK™ to your university

If you think TASK™ could be integrated into a program or across your institution, feel free to download the presentation material or get in touch with us.

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Change Leader institutions

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29 universities and business schools are already taking part in the Change Leaders program, committing to integrating sustainability knowledge into all programs, and certifying at least 75% of their graduate students within 3 years, with TASK™️.
List of Change Leaders : American University of Cairo (School of Business), CY Université, ECE, Ecole des Ponts ParisTech, EM Normandie, ENS Lyon, ENSEA, ENSG, ENTPE, ESCE, ESCP, ESME, ESSEC Business School, Excelia, Grenoble Ecole de Management, HEC Montreal, IESEG, IMT Business School, JUNIA, KEDGE Business School, Paris Saclay University, Sup de Vente Paris/ESSYM, UniLasalle, Toulouse Business School, YNOV, Y Schools (SCBS, Ecole Supérieure de Design de Troyes, Ecole Supérieur de Tourisme Troyes-Metz, EIME)

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I would like more information about TASK™

Want to learn more about the features of TASK™ and its field of knowledge? Go to the TASK™ description page.

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Learning and raising awareness

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Examples of how Sulitest tools are used
Many higher education institutions use Sulitest tools in their academic programs. Whether it's an Awareness Test at the beginning of a course, a fun Quiz to introduce sustainability, or a Looping workshop to consolidate knowledge, find out how to use these tools.
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Universities and professors

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